Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi

"You know, it's easier to pull the trigger than play guitar. Easier to destroy than to create..."  ―El Mariachi

El Maraichi, sometimes referred to as El, is the main protagonist of the Mexico Trilogy. He as a traveling mariachi in search of a steady employer. He got mixed up with another man carrying a guitar case in the same town, and was hunted down. He fell in love with a girl named Domino , however, she was killed and El Mariachi was shot in the hand, nearly causing him to never play guitar again.  El Mariachi went out and got revenge on all those who destroyed his life. Eventually leading up to his brother, Bucho . Bucho kills his only friend, Buscemi and causes El Mariachi great grief. El Mariachi falls in love with another girl, Carolina . They eventually marry and have a daughter together. However, years later, a man named General Marquez kills Carolina and their daughter and leaves El Mariachi for dead. He is sought out by Agent Sands and is caught up in a battle against the Barillo cartel, who plans to assassinate the president. However, El Mariachi meets again with Marquez and exacts his revenge, avenging his loved ones and bringing him to peace.

400px-El mariachi 60

Carlos Gallardo as El Mariachi

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